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Gmail, the Leading giant in Email services have recently introduced few new cool features which will help us to use emailing more smartly.
To Use these features click on the gear icon on the right-hand side (image 1) and click on "Try new Gmail" (image 2). After selecting this option, it will immediately load the new Gmail interface.




1. Attachment Preview:
You can now view your attachments without opening the email (Image 3)






2. Mail Operation Shortcuts:
If you take your mouse on any email, it will display Archive, Delete, Mark As Read and Snooze option there itself. (image 4)





3. Snooze Email:
This feature is introduced in this version only. As we snooze our alarms, in the same way you can snooze your emails to refer it later. It will display in your inbox at the time you specified. (Image 5 & 6)






4. Calendar, Keep & Tasks from Gmail:
You can now operate Calendar, Keep & Google Tasks right from Gmail. You need not open a separate window for the same.



5. Secret Email with Expiry:
If you want to send a secret email and you want a specific person to open it, it's possible from Gmail now.
In compose mail, select "Turn Confidential Mode On/ Off" on right-hand bottom side (image 8)



After clicking on this you can set the expiry of that mail (for eg: 1 day or week) (image 9)



If you want that mail to be opened by specific person only then you can select "SMS Passcode" option. It will ask you recipient mobile number. (image 10)



When you send an email it will look like image 11.


If you have selected "No SMS Passcode" while sending an email then the user can directly view email. But if you have selected the "SMS Passcode" option then the person will receive passcode in SMS on the mobile number you have set while sending an email. He can open an email only if he has that passcode. In both cases email will expire after the time you specified for expiry.
6. Smart Reply:
This feature was already there in the Gmail mobile app. Gmail will read your email and automatically create a reply based on that. You can directly select that reply and send it. (image 12)



If you wish to go back to your old Gmail, just click on Gear icon again and click "Go Back To Classic Gmail" (image 13)



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