Gmail is Google’s famous reliable, advance yet free email service packed with lots of powerful features, free tools and functionalities that other webmail clients doesn’t have. Due to lots of useful features and tools, Gmail is the very popular choice of every person who want to use email for their personal and professional life.
Nowdays, most of the users prefer Gmail over other email client but not every user understand and utilize Gmail’s features and tools at its best. Lots of users are unware about few basic functions and settings of Gmail which can helps them to increase their Productivity and reduce their time and efforts. We at “Tech IT Easier” works to fill up this Knowledge Gap and Educate users to use Gmail’s basic and advance features effectively.
- Have a Computer/Mobile with Internet Connectivity
- Gmail Account
- Introduction of the Gmail
- Basic Features & Settings
- Advance Features & Settings
- Automation Tools for Gmail
- Gmail Security & Backup Features & Settings
- Online & Telephonic Assistance
Beneficial For / Who Is Target Audience
- Individual and Professionals who want to Upgrade their Skills & Knowledge
- Business Owners, Entrepreneurs who want to improve their Productivity
- Employee who want to Improve their Efficiency and Reduce Time and Efforts
- Students & Teachers
- Freelancers
- Marketing and Sales Executive, Manager, etc