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WhatsApp, the giant who changed the definition of communications over smartphone has recently announced new updates which are suppose to launch in coming weeks.
Animated Stickers: 
Those who already have used Yahoo Messenger, knows the beauty and expressiveness of animated stickers.  Many people are using Stickers available on WhatsApp to express their feelings.  Animated stickers will help them express in more effective ways.
QR Codes: 
To enter the contact in Mobile and save numbers was little hectic task before.  New update will come with QR code feature which will be unique for each user.  User who wish to save contact can scan the QR code and directly save the number.  
Dark Mode for WhatsApp Web and Desktop: 
Dark mode feature was there on Mobile App but is now extended to WhatsApp Web version.  Those who work overnight can get benefited by this feature as Dark Mode reduces brightness of screen.
Improvements to Group Video Calls: 
WhatsApp recently updated video call participant limit from 4 to 8.  With new update, you will be able to click on any participant video and can enlarge it to full screen.
Status comes to KaiOS: 
KaiOS (Basic keypad mobiles) users can now enjoy the popular feature that lets you share updates that disappear after 24 hours.


These features are still not rolled out but will be available to all users in coming weeks.
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