Facebook the largest and most popular Social Media Platform in the world being used for Personal as well as for Business Branding Marketing Purpose. There are lots of useful features and modules inbuilt in Facebook but not every common user is aware of it.
So, in this course we take our participants to go through the some useful and effective Features, Settings and Strategies of Facebook which will educate and help them to understand Facebook along with building and promoting their brand more effectively to the specific target audience and generate more traffic for their Business.
So, Don’t wait for anything. Just register for this interesting and useful course for your Business and create your brand on Facebook more strongly to generate more Sales.
Requirements :
- Have a Computer/Mobile with Internet Connectivity
- Facebook Account
Includes :
- Introduction of Facebook
- How to create Attractive Social Media Images?
- How to manage your Personal Profile?
- Features Associated with Personal Profile
- Find & Connect Facebook Groups
- Settings of Personal Profile
- How to Create Your Page and Settings?
- How to Invite Friends and Like your Page?
- How to Promote your Business?
- How to get the right candidates from Facebook?
- Insights of your Promotional Posts
- How to Target Your Business Prospect ?
- Do’s & Don’ts in Facebook Marketing
- Other Interesting Features of Facebook
Beneficial For / Who Is Target Audience?
- Individual and Professionals
- New Startups & Business Owners
- Freelancers
- Digital Marketing Professionals / Agencies
- Marketing and Sales Executive, Manager, etc
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  1. image
    Kunal Gorhe
    4 months ago

    Woooooooo nice insights in simple language which was very helpful for me to understand the basics of FB page and profile. I recommend all those are small business owners or professionals should connect him. I have Attended Facebook basic and Advance seminar on 21st May 2020.

  2. image
    Sameer Bhostekar
    5 months ago

    Excellent Course & Coach !! Very helpful for day to day life. This course will make Entrepreneurs, Employee and Common person life easy and organized. The government should make this course compulsory for everyone like MS-CIT COURSE.

  3. image
    Meghna Pednekar
    5 months ago

    Attended Gmail, Google Cloud, WhatsApp for Business and Facebook Webinar. All were very informative. He made the subject easy to understand. All those pointers are gonna help in my business growth. Thank you Subodh Anant Mestry and Team

  4. image
    Pranay Arvandekar
    5 months ago

    Recently attended Subodh sir full day TECH IT EASIER program, from day 1 it has helped me to cope up with the difficulty which I was facing in using the various apps, and come across other useful Google app that can be helpful for our day to life. Thank You Sir for such wonderful guidance.