ZOOM is the web-based and mobile app-based video conferencing and meeting tool which allow users to connect and meet with family, friends, clients, staff, colleagues, consultant, etc with the help of Internet. ZOOM app got very popular since lockdown applied all over the world due to Covid-19. Lots of business meeting, seminars, trainings, coaching, etc happening over ZOOM nowadays. Most of the users preferring ZOOM app over other available video conferencing tools due to various inbuilt features in the ZOOM. 
You can use ZOOM app to meet online with your parents, family, friends, colleagues, clients and students and keep the business, get-together, learnings running even though all are distanced apart. With ZOOM, you can share and present your screen, record the live video online meeting and then download the video and turn it into a YouTube video or Podcast.
So, this audio-visual course will showcase you few practical tutorials about ZOOM app which definitely help you to understand and manage ZOOM app very professionally and effectively. This course is also useful even though you are using ZOOM app but want a few more tips on how to get the most out from the ZOOM. We have explained everything about ZOOM in this Free course beneficial from Beginners to Professionals. 
- Have a Computer/Mobile with Internet Connectivity
- Zoom Account (Not compulsory)
- Introduction of the Zoom
- Basic Features & Settings 
- Handling Webinar
- Handling Meetings
- How to Register & Manage Participates
- Share Screen
- Record Meetings
- Scheduling Webinar and Meetings
- View Registrations and Report
- Invite Panelist, Invite Users
Beneficial For / Who is Target Audience 
- Business Owners, Entrepreneurs
- Marketing and Sales Executive, Manager, etc
- Trainers & Coach
- Events Manager and Operators
- Consultants
- Teachers & Students
- Freelancers
- Employee
- Individual and Professionals
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  • 1 Min
  • 1 Video
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